68 Industrial Drive Mannford, OK 74044

About Us

freddie_ameliaFreddie & Amelia Saliba began the restaurant business with a small cafe on main street of Drumright in 1946. They served the typical cafe menu and also served the extra large T-Bone steak for $2.00. They had a lady cook who never wrote down an order. She did everything from memory from the wait staff. She was also known to have the best homemade rolls in town. They were frequented by the cowboy western actor Ben Johnson many times. In 1956 they closed the cafe and moved to their current location west of Drumright. It was called the Fondulac club at the time until they changed the name to Freddie’s Supper Club.

There was a large dance floor and a band stand where they would often hold lingerie shows. Over the years they became known for their special hand-cut steaks and Lebanese hrsdrvs. which includes houmas, tabolie, and cabbage rolls. Freddie has always used hickory logs to smoke all the ribs, brisket and bologna that are served. They also served Paul Newman when he was visiting the Hallet Raceway a few years ago. In 1969 Freddie left the Drumright club to one of his son’s Paul Saliba who still operates it today with the help of his wife Nancy. At that time Freddie built another steakhouse on the shores of Keystone Lake in Mannford. He worked along with his wife Amelia until his youngest son Rickey took over in 1976.

Freddie still continued his daily trips to the restaurant helping out in the front greeting customers or helping behind the bar of just visiting until his death in 1997. In 2001, Freddie’s grandson Brian opened another steak house in Stillwater which is called Freddie Pauls.

The location in Mannford offers lakeside dining with a beautiful view from any table in the restaurant. You can also visit us from the lake. Just park your boat at our courtsey dock and walk up to the restaurant. We offer the same hand cut steaks that have always been a tradition at Freddie’s with houmas, tabolie, and cabbage rolls. We also offer many pasta dishes, hickory smoked BBQ, cajun dishes, many many seafood items, freshly made Caesar salads, and numerous appetizers. Rickey and his wife Jerri still operate the Mannford location and as tradition continues, you will also see their girls in the work force too.